Unique door hardware is what sets a Miglas door apart from other products on the market.

The Miglas system, as standard, utilises high-security stainless steel multipoint locks, 15 pin multi-axis anti-pick locking cylinders, concealed 3D adjustable hinges or stainless steel adjustable barrel hinges. 


Every Miglas door is fitted with a Franz Schneider Brakel stainless steel handle as standard. Miglas use the 1076 design with a square escutcheon backplate. This design is the same on the sliding door product, but with a kinked handle to suit sliding motion rather than hinged. Satin Stainless Steel is the default finish, however, this can be upgraded to a PVD black coating on the stainless at an additional charge. 

Additional Styles and Finishes can be assessed on a project basis but may be subject to surcharges and delivery time delays.

Note; BiFold and French Doors can not have the PVD black option.

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Door Lock
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Hinged door handle
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As standard, Miglas use concealed hinges on all open-out doors, bi-fold intermediary leaves and some inward opening doors. Concealed hinges allow for a clean uninterrupted look, do not interfere in seal continuity and aid security by not being able to be tampered with externally. All hinges Miglas use provide full 3D adjustment which is vital with a multipoint locking system to ensure the required tolerances for locking can be achieved in the event of building movement.

Note; Some inward opening door applications may require barrel hinges to clear architraves and provide more suitable swing geometry.



As standard, each Miglas door uses stainless steel high-security Multipoint locking systems. This allows the door to lock in multiple positions making them near impenetrable to forced entry. The high-tensile handed hooks have a 4.5mm taper which ensures the door is pulled in tight against the seals to provide minimal air infiltration and air leakage. Sliding door products use a specialised alignment pin at the locking point to provide a similar pull in against seals. Hinged doors use 3-4 locking points [height dependent], whereas sliding doors use twin opposing hooks and anti-lift blocks for additional security.

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The locking cylinder can be the first deterrent against break-in attempts. AGB cylinders have been provided with the best technology to guarantee high-security features to protect your home, with 15 multi-axis pins they provide high lock picking resistance in addition to 3 hardened steel anti-drill pins. All AGB cylinders are certified for anti-bumping resistance to ICIM 70R009.


Emergency egress is always vital and as standard Miglas supply a key-knob cylinder configuration for easy escape in the event of an emergency. Miglas strongly advise against deadlocking, and having a secure lock system at all points of the house negates the requirement for deadlocking without compromising on occupant safety.



Key Lock

Double Glazing

Only double glazing ensures efficient thermal control and safety that is a requirement in today's eco-friendly society.

Together with the advanced frame, Miglas outperforms all other applications with the same glazing.


Why Miglas

Miglas provide the highest quality Australian-made and designed double glazed windows and doors. Miglas combines the advantages of both timber and aluminium windows to create low maintenance, energy efficient and thermally stable window and door systems. This unique double glazed window and door system provides comfort and protection in the harsh Australian climate all year round while allowing you full architectural freedom with a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.


Aliclad Frame

Take the beauty and warmth of timber, combine it with the durability of aluminium, and finish with the efficiency of double glazing. You have the Aliclad Frame