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High Performance Windows And Doors

Miglas Windows: High Performance Windows And Doors

High performance windows and doors are a lasting investment in your home spanning decades. The difference between basic and high performance windows and doors is substantial. Miglas high performance windows and doors offer exceptional durability and performance and security. All products feature - as standard - state of the art multi-point locking systems, dual stage gaskets, insulative double glazing resulting in an exceptional performing product in all aspects.

Miglas offer hinged doors, sliding doors, centre hinged doors, bi-fold doors, and gorgeous entrance doors. If you're searching for high performance windows, you'll see we also have many options, including awning windows, casement windows, fixed panorama windows, sashless double-hung, and even Velux skylights and sky tunnels.

Likewise, our high performance windows will offer years of energy efficiency for hot, mixed, and cold climates throughout Australia. Double glazing minimizes ambient heat in summer and heat loss in winter, providing a consistent temperature and reducing heating and cooling needs.

Our AliClad window is purpose-designed for Australian conditions. We manufacture our products in our Melbourne production facility with ultra-precision CNC machinery, sourcing all major components from Australian manufacturers to enforce our "Australian Made" DNA.

Our high performance windows and doors are rigorously tested to validate our quality. Miglas are members of Australian Glass & Window Association, the Window Energy Rating Scheme. We are Green Star rated for evaluating environmental design, including energy and water efficiency, indoor environment quality, and resource conservation.

We also meet acoustical performance ratings that measure the amount of sound transmission through a window and hold a Bushfire Rating that ensures our products are bushfire resistant, with no need for additional shutters, for bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL-40.

Our locally sourced 100% regrowth Victorian Ash hardwood is AFS / PEFC certified for sustainable forest management. In addition to its sustainability, Victorian Ash exceeds 'carbon neutral' as it is captured during its growth process - with approximately 50% of its dry weight being stored carbon. 

Are you ready to upgrade your project with high performance windows and doors? Contact us for more information!

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