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Australian Standards

Miglas' windows meet the Australian Standards regulations AS2047 and AS1288. 

These standards regulate the wind pressure, water infiltration & glazing ratings of the window. Other aspects are bushfire resistance, acoustics & security performance

Every region has different specific requirements. These aspects have to be clarified prior to quoting and manufacturing. According to AS2047, this has to be nominated by the applicant or the approving authority.

The Australian Window Association and Miglas can give you more information on request.

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), windows and doors have to meet minimum mandatory specifications under AS2047. Miglas complies with all these standards. The following tests are included:

Deflection - Wind Pressure Test (Structural Performance)

Measure the amount of air pressure (wind load) a window can resist before failing. The amount of structural pressure ratings required for windows in your area is often determined by local code requirements. Miglas window systems have been tested to wind load ratings of N6. This means the higher the structural performance ratings, the more wind load a window can resist.

Water Penetration Resistance

Water infiltration measures the amount of water and pressure that a window can resist keeping the water from leaking through it. The higher the water infiltration rating, the better the window is at resisting water leakage.


AGWA  (Australian Glass & Window Association)


Miglas is a member of the AGWA. It is our ambition to actively participate in the development of standards, ratings, and certificates.

Having our staff attend seminars offered by various industry-related organisations, enables us to meet your requirements with up-to-date knowledge.

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