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At Miglas we spend the time to research and test the best possible installation processes for our Windows and Doors. From this testing, we have put together our guides to guarantee a quality finish.

Once you have chosen Miglas Innovative engineered products, you should ensure proper, well-sealed installation to

achieve the best results from your windows and doors. Miglas Windows have passed in excess of 2kpa of water

pressure alone, so accurate, well-sealed installation is essential to the contribution of thermal performance and air infiltration.

Whilst Miglas are supply only and do not perform installation, we are at your service to suggest the best installation method for your construction, and the following pages are to suit the most popular construction methods used in Australia. Miglas will work with your chosen installer to ensure they are confident in what is required to achieve the best installation.

In all cases, we recommend approximately a 10mm gap between the windows and opening. This is so the gap between wall and window can be adequately caulked using a suitable sealant or mastic. This should be carried out according to the

manufacturers instructions and by a competent caulker to achieve the best results.


Where possible, the installation should be left as late as possible in the building programme to reduce the risk of

damage by falling debris or acid wash and general building trades. This is standard practice around the rest of the world, as apart from serving as a template for other trades, there is no need for the windows to be in situ.


Miglas high performance windows and doors must be correctly installed to provide the best thermal and air infiltration results for the fabric of the home.

We suggest the following guideline for the installation of Miglas windows & doors:

Warning: Poor installation can reduce the thermal efficiency of the product. The insulation between the frame and wall is crucial.

Sliding Door Installation

Sliding Doors require extra care during installation. The Door must be installed square to ensure trouble-free operation. For additional information please refer to the installation guide on sliding door units.

When removing sliding door leaves for painting and maintenance always ensure to lower the adjustable rollers at the top first and to take the weight off the door when lowering the bottom rollers.

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