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Double Glazing

Double glazing is standard across the Miglas Aliclad range, which offers superior thermal performance in comparison to that of single glazed products.


Depending on what you want to achieve, different glass options are available for your double glazed windows.

  • Stop Heat Gain/Loss

  • Noise Control

  • Bushfire Safety

  • Self Cleaning Coatings

  • Low U-Value

  • Security & Safety

  • Shading/Solar Control


Sealed Air Space

(Optional Argon/Krypton gas)

Aluminium Cladding

Timber Frame

Glass Sheets

Spacer and Seal

How does double glazing work?
Double glazing, or an Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU), is two sheets of glass separated by a pocket of air, or inert gas (argon/krypton), to provide an insulative thermal barrier. The pocket is designed to be around 14mm optimal to ensure there is no movement in the air causing thermal convection.

If you imagine putting hot coffee in a thermos flask versus a plastic container which product will retain its temperature for longer? This concept is the same for Double glazing versus Single Glazing.

The increased thermal insulation of the double glazed unit provides many benefits to the home, including minimising ambient heat gain in summer and minimising heat loss in winter. This provides a more consistent temperature and reduces the requirements for heating/cooling the home.


The interior surface temperature of the glass is also closer to that of the inside of the home in an IGU and this greatly increases the condensation resistance of the glass. 

In the Miglas Aliclad Fixed Window, clear double glazing provides a U-Value of 2.74 and a SHGC of 0.68

Soft Coat


Soft coat Low E glass is manufactured by applying multiple thin layers of silver and metal oxides to the glass surface by a sputtering deposition process. Sputtered coatings create a finished glass product that is far superior and dynamic in performance, exhibiting very high levels of clarity and without the haze levels associated with the older style Low E coatings.

High performing soft coatings provide an improved balance between Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U Value when compared to clear and traditional hard coated products, whilst also retaining far superior levels of Visible Light Transmission (VLT).

Due to the ‘soft’ nature of sputter Low E coatings, the product requires special handling and glass processing techniques and can only be glazed as part of an IGU. The coating faces the airspace on either surface 2 or 3, this protects the coating from environmental conditions and also maximises the overall performance of the IGU. OptEma™ and CoolRay™ by SOLOS Glass are examples of high performing IGU’s manufactured with a sputter Low E coated glass.

OptEma™ Plus (High Solar Heat Gain) [Centre of Glass U-value 1.37 / SHGC 0.60]

OptEma™ is an ideal IGU solution for cooler climates and southern elevations for both residential new build and renovation projects.

Playing a key role in managing both the heat flowing in and the heat flowing out of the glazed elements of the building, OptEma™  helps to make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter whilst allowing the room to bathe in very high levels of natural light.

By combining the range of solutions offered by the OptEma™ suite of products with the added benefits of the OptEseal™ warm edge IGU spacer, OptEma™ Plus helps to both optimise a windows overall level of energy efficiency performance and provide some of the most thermally efficient residential window and door systems currently available in Australia.

In the Miglas AliClad window, OptEma™ Plus double glazed units provide a U Value of 1.7 and a SHGC of 0.55.

Solarban 60® (Low Solar Heat Gain) [Centre of Glass U-value 1.38 / SHGC 0.39]

The advanced Low-E coating of Solarban® 60 glass transmits more than 70% of the sun’s available light into a home while blocking 79% of the sun’s damaging UV energy and other contributors to fading—in all, 24% better than standard clear insulating glass. This helps to protect interior furnishings, fabrics and carpets from fading. More importantly, Solarban® 60 glass helps homeowners shield their homes, and their utility bills, from the summer heat and winter cold. Measured against windows assembled with ordinary clear glass, Solarban® 60 glass lessens solar heat gain by more than half. When the seasons turn cold, the high insulating value of Solarban® 60 helps reduce furnace heat loss through windows by up to 50%.
Those qualities have made Solarban® 60 glass the name to know in the window industry for year-round comfort and energy performance.

In the Miglas Aliclad Fixed Window, SolarBan 60 glazing provides a U-Value of 1.8 and a SHGC of 0.43

Solos Glass


Alongside significantly improved thermal performance, Double glazed windows provide substantial acoustic benefits to minimise sound intrusion into your home. While windows are not the only design element to consider in overall acoustic performance, they are likely to be the single biggest area of improvement, with an enormous difference between a poorly designed basic window and a high-end product like the Miglas composite suite. 




The Miglas AliClad suite is fully tested and certified compliant to BAL-40. Glazing to suit this application is required, where toughened glass is utilised throughout the project in addition to what is normally only required for human Impact.




Would you like that extra level of protection for the weak spots of your building without detracting from the design visually? Then, special laminated security products, such as IntruderGuard™ are the ideal solution.

IntruderGuard™ looks like normal glass but provides a barrier to forced entry that is 20 times harder to break through than standard float glass. So you can stay safe while still having the look that you love.

IntruderGuard™ also reduces the rate at which your furniture fades by absorbing 99% of UV radiation.



Leadlights can be produced as an overlay (facsimile) or traditional leadlight encapsulated within a double glazed unit. Miglas work with a specialist company to provide a double glass unit to the required specifications to be glazed into our frame. The design and shape options are limitless and provide a heritage look or a classic twist on a modern design.

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