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Black Winder, Black Screen
APO Grey Winder & Clear Anodised Screen
APO Grey Winder, Clear Anodised Screen
White Winder & White Screen
White Windler & White Screen
Black Winder & Black Screen
Electric Awning

Miglas use the highest quality window hardware available, with stainless steel as standard. Interlock stainless steel dual arm operators provide smooth, easy operation with torque matched sizing. Compared to traditional chain winders, these provide a significantly different feel due to ease of use.

Miglas windows are keyed to avoid deadlocking in fire escape situations. However, they provide greater security against forced entrance with multiple lock points. While strongly advised against occupant safety, key locking can be supplied at an additional cost if required.

Contribution to the thermal performance

The sash-locks contribute to the positive closure of the window. The additional pressure on the gasket supports the airtight sealing of the window.

Long Life Expectancy

Miglas use high-quality Interlock stainless steel hardware. The warranty and expertise of this market leader provide Miglas with the opportunity to supply long-lasting, smooth operating hardware.


Window hardware can be selected to match the interior decor of each room, independent of that of the external facade providing complete design flexibility. As standard, Miglas offer the operator and sash locks in 3 standard powdercoated finishes - APO Grey, Matt Black & White.  


Window automation for more convenient living.

  • Wanting comfort of effortless opening?

  • Having inaccessible or hard to reach windows?

  • Liking the idea of a fully automated home?

Our range of winders and automation options will help you to fulfil your dreams. The German-engineered high-quality range is state-of-the-art.

For installation and further information about Building Management Systems that can make your project a fully automated home combined with alarm etc. - contact the Miglas Team.


Contribution to Performance

The electric winders pull the sash into the frame with 200N of tractive force and close the window airtight with positive pressure on the gaskets.

Long Life Expectancy

German engineered and manufactured to comply with the highest European and Australian standards. The strong stainless-steel chain ensures trouble-free operation even in coastal & tropical conditions. All automated winders pass a minimum of 10,000 cycle tests.

Operational Freedom

No manual winding. No climbing to inaccessible areas. Simple comfort with a switch of a button. Typical installation requires a 3-position switch (customer supplied). As an option, Miglas automation can be fitted with rain, wind or smoke detectors for security and comfort. As part of a building automation system, windows cater for the highest requirements for modern commercial and residential applications.


Flyscreens are supplied as standard to all operable windows. Insect screens are framed in a powder-coated aluminium profile which traditionally is selected in a colour to closely match that of the window hardware. Screen mesh is available in fibreglass (standard) or can be upgraded to aluminium or stainless steel mesh. In some bushfire applications, windows are automatically upgraded to aluminium or stainless mesh as required under those standards. Fibreglass is very dent-resistant and easiest to ensure taut over a length, however, it is the easiest material to tear (pets etc). Aluminium provides the best visibility but can be dented (instead of torn) quite easily by pets. Stainless steel is the most durable but provides the worst visibility of the three options.

Flyscreens are available in the following colours as standard;


Double Glazing

Only double glazing ensures efficient thermal control and safety that is a requirement in today's eco-friendly society.

Together with the advanced frame, Miglas outperforms all other applications with the same glazing.


Why Miglas

Miglas provide the highest quality Australian-made and designed double glazed windows and doors. Miglas combines the advantages of both timber and aluminium windows to create low maintenance, energy efficient and thermally stable window and door systems. This unique double glazed window and door system provides comfort and protection in the harsh Australian climate all year round while allowing you full architectural freedom with a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.


Aliclad Frame

Take the beauty and warmth of timber, combine it with the durability of aluminium, and finish with the efficiency of double glazing. You have the Aliclad Frame

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