As part of your building structure, doors play a vital role in many aspects. Miglas High Performance doors offer exceptional security with a state-of-the-art German multi-point locking system that is near impenetrable. This state-of-the-art locking provides compression on the gaskets tracking the entire frame, minimising air leakage. When teamed with the insulative double glazing technology, it creates an energy-efficient solution that standard doors cannot compete with.

Hinged Door
Vital to key entry points of the home, available in Inward or Outward Swinging configuration
Sliding Door
This door has the opening leaf sliding in a horizontal direction past another panel.
French Door
This door is designed to open the space to a terrace or backyard. You have the choice to open one leaf or two at a time.
Center Hinged Door
This door has a fixed door pane and an opening leaf which is hinged in the middle.
BiFold Door
This doors panels are hinged together to fold into one area providing a large uninterrupted view.
Entry Door
Miglas offers a range of entry doors and a fitting service for external sourced entry designs
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Miglas AliClad windows are genuine timber windows with a durable aluminium exterior cladding.
Double Glazing
Double glazing ensures the efficient thermal control and safety that is a requirement in todays eco-friendly society.
Locks & Hardware
Hardware includes a range of hinges, rollers, handles & locks for different door types.
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