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Choosing the

right products

Choosing the right windows and doors has a significant impact on heating and cooling bills, as well as on maintenance.
Windows & Doors:

  • Open the space and provide magnificent views.

  • Provide the opportunity of controlled ventilation.

  • Contribute to the look of the building.

Aside from the aesthetic appearance of the window and door, there are a number of performance measures that will determine the comfort and energy consumption of the window or door in use.

When choosing and comparing windows & doors you should be prepared to ask the right questions and more importantly be able to evaluate the quality of the product and it's ratings, not only the price.

Glass window

Design & Appearance

  • Do you have the freedom to customise the windows & doors sizes, shapes, glass, colours and extras (e.g. handles, locks etc.)?

  • Does the design influence the performance of the window?


With Miglas' flexibility and design options you can individualise the look of your home. Develop an eye catching home front and achieve a perfect balance with your overall building design.

Tip: The design options should give you the freedom to choose without influencing the performance.

Double Glazed Window


  • What are the costs over the life cycle – maintenance (e.g. painting) and energy (e.g. heating & cooling savings)?

  • What is the life expectancy of the product?


Keep in mind that windows & doors usually remain in your house for over 25 years. They are an investment and you ensure you are purchasing a product that gives you value throughout its life cycle.

You should factor in the ongoing performance as a cost factor – quality hardware and seals should ensure a long life expectancy.


Tip: Ratings show you the performance of your new product. They don't necessarily incorporate the quality of hardware and gaskets for ongoing durability. Check the manufacturers' hardware and seals for functionality and longevity.

Glass Windows


  • How is the window rated?

  • How does the window perform over its lifetime?

  • What are the performance measures that show the value of the product?

  • What is the life expectancy of the windows?

The discerning customer will invest in a quality product taking into account all of the above factors.

As well as performance, maintenance and handling you should always consider the environmental impact of your choice.

Tip: The rating is just a snapshot in time. Always ask for the value and constancy of the performance over time. Including various aspects in your decision is important. The bitterness of poor quality lingers on long after the sweetness of a low price.

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