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Butt joint corner

Butt Joint Corner
Butt Joint Corner 2
Butt Joint Corner 3
Butt Joint Corner 4
Butt Joint Corner 5
Butt Joint Corner 6
Butt Joint Corner 7
Butt Joint Corner 8


Introducing our pinnacle of architectural refinement: the Aliclad butt joint corner window, boasting the finest craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in high-performance double glazed windows.


Elevate your space with unparalleled precision engineering, seamlessly merging two glass panes at the corner for uninterrupted vistas and optimal light penetration.


Experience enhanced energy efficiency and durability, all while indulging in the timeless elegance of our corner window solution.


Up to 6m2


  • N4 rated (AS2047)

  • U Value as low as 1.7

  • No Air Leakage

  • BAL40 Tested and Certified


Double Glazing

Only double glazing ensures efficient thermal control and safety that is a requirement in today's eco-friendly society.

Together with the advanced frame, Miglas outperforms all other applications with the same glazing.


Why Miglas

Miglas provide the highest quality Australian-made and designed double glazed windows and doors. Miglas combines the advantages of both timber and aluminium windows to create low maintenance, energy efficient and thermally stable window and door systems. This unique double glazed window and door system provides comfort and protection in the harsh Australian climate all year round while allowing you full architectural freedom with a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.


Aliclad Frame

Take the beauty and warmth of timber, combine it with the durability of aluminium, and finish with the efficiency of double glazing. You have the Aliclad Frame

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