Do I need Double Glazing?

Yes! Only double glazing offers convenient comfort and security levels all year round. Besides the glazing minimal air leakage is important for thermal efficient windows and doors. Double glazing is necessary in modern homes to block unwanted heat gain (summer) and heat loss (winter). Low conductive frame material (e.g. timber), compressible gaskets and supporting hardware are additions you should consider.

Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows and doors are double glazed and ensure air tight closure due to superior gaskets, hardware and craftsmanship. Combined with a low conductive frame (e.g. timber) you will ensure high all year round comfort levels with reduced heat loss in winter and less heat gain in summer. Tip: Check for balanced high performance on WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme), low U Value, minimal Air Infiltration and low conductive frame material. Additionally compare the producers abilities of superior craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing. 

Is it easy to compare windows and quotes?

No! It is relatively hard to compare apples with apples as the quality of used components and craftsmanship are so different and not well regulated. You should always look for AWA compliance, good WERS ratings as a minimum requirement. Windows and Doors are an important investment as they are crucial to the buildings overall thermal performance. Shopping for price only might be the wrong decision long term. Make sure that you understand the differences in component quality, included components (hardware & locks, pre-hung doors, etc.) and craftsmanship. As you are buying a product that should remain in your building for over 50 years it's worthwhile to invest in low maintenance, durability and life expectancy. The performance measures should be your minimum requirement, but always check if they apply for the whole window (not just for one component) and if its applicable in real life. 

Is double glazing enough?

No! Double glazing is only one component that contributes to the performance. The frame, gaskets and hardware as well as the level of craftsmanship influence the quality of the product Tip: Windows and Doors are a long term investment – see & touch the whole product before you make a decision.

Is the product eco-friendly?

Yes! The Lifecycle expectations of a AliClad window outperform other window options. The combination of durable, low maintenance exterior and sustainable timber interior can serve your project for 50+ years. No toxic wash off, component recycling and energy efficiency are only a few reasons to decide for AliClad windows and doors from Miglas. 

How do I compare window systems?

It is hard to compare windows as it usually is a one time decision. To help you in making the right choice, comparing the right values and differentiate between cheap quality and a solid investment.

Can I get double-hung windows?

Miglas does not manufacture traditional double-hung windows. The thermal efficiency of the product is not sufficient and the windows only allow for 50% ventilation opening compared to a casement. Additionally the restrictions of the view don't cater for modern standards. Satisfying customer requirements in this case means - we will find a solution that is thermal efficient and meets your design requirments. Miglas offers options that immitate the look or the way of operation. The reason for not offering the double-hung is simply because there are much better and effective solutions possible.


Every project is unique. is as unique to Miglas as it is to you. Meaning we assess your project individually to meet the specific requirments. The window and doors are customised and it's only fair that you pay what you get. That is why we do not have a standard price list as we don't offer standard sizes and more than standard quality. Our windows and doors are customised high performance products beyond double glazing. Depending on your choice of hardware, style, size and glass type the prices may vary. To ensure that you only pay for what you get to the latest market costs, we quote per job/project. This service is free of charge. So don't hesitate to send your plans or window schedule (sizes and requirements) to to get your quote. Excellent value for money and comfort of living starts with Miglas!

Air Gap

Air space between the panes of glass in an insulating glass unit (IGU). Also known as a cavity, airspace or spacer, even when another gas (e.g. argon) is used in the cavity instead of air. The air gap contributes to the insulation of the double glazing and is important. A gap smaller than 10mm is insufficient.

Air Leakage (Air Infiltration)

The amount of air leaking in and out of a building through cracks in walls, windows and doors. Air leakage of windows and doors is responsible for 50% of a buildings heat loss or gain. Positive closure pressure on a good gasket and the gasket itself are crucial for a thermal efficient product. Always look for low AI value below 0.1. Leaks also allow noise to enter or leave a building. Windows and doors with minimal air leakage help to reduce noise impact.

AliClad (timber-alumnium)

AliClad is a timber window with a durable aluminium exterior that mimics the timber style and never needs painting. It combines the advantage of durable exterior with the beauty of the timber. The products are a long time value ad to each project. It is thermal efficient and durable at the same time. It outperforms aluminium timber cladding (aluminium-timber, not timber-aluminium) windows and doors in thermal efficiency.

Aluminium (Improved) Windows

Aluminium and "Aluminium Improved" frames are highly conductive frames that create a thermal bridge - meaning that warmth will get lost through the frame in winter or unwanted heat is gained in summer. Thermal bridges should be avoided to achieve thermal efficiency. Timber or composite frames, like the Miglas AliClad are perfect as they have no conductive parts exposed to the inside. 

Argon Gas

An insert, non-toxic gas used in insulating glass units (double glazing) to reduce heat transfer. Other companies offer these gas fillings to make up for their inefficient framing materials. Miglas offers this option to maximise heat control.

Water resistance pressure test

Air pressure at which a window will resist water infiltration during a water test which consists of water spray and air pressure. Usually expressed in psf (pressure per square foot), e.g., “the window has a water resistance test pressure of 7.5 psf." The advanced pressure resistance exceeds the minimum requirements of the Australian standard and makes the product a perfect solution for coastal and alpine areas. (psf divided by 144 = psi)

Awning Window

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out from the bottom using our smooth action window winders or electric actuators. Folding window-winder handles give a clean line for curtains and blinds. It is designed to circulate air while protecting the room from light rain. The double sash locks give security and a positive closure on the seals. This means unwanted air leakage is reduced to a minimum (Miglas Air Infiltration = 0.07). Miglas windows fulfill your performance demands! The available performance options achieve high performance in each climate zone for your project. Flyscreens are included as standard in all opening windows. Additionally you can automate your windows.

Bay Window

A composite of three windows, usually made up of a large centre unit and two side (or wing) units at a 45-degree angle from the wall. Miglas offers this traditional options and has specially designed connectors for a smooth exterior finish and efficient installation.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bifold doors consist of two or more panels. These doors are hinged at one side and the panels are hinged together. The doors fold into one area providing a large uninterrupted view. These multi-leaf doors can be timber or timber/AliClad and use quality Henderson tracks. Wide openings are available with the multi-leaf design. Combinations of up to eight leaves are possible to create a smooth tansition from living room to terrace, balcony or garden.

Building Code of Australia (BCA)

The Building Code of Australia outlines the standards, by law, which must be adhered to by the Australian building and construction industries.

Building Envelope

The building envelope refers to the walls, ceiling, windows, floors, skylights, and design features of a building. Refer to Building Fabric.

Casement Window

Casement windows are ideal for ventilation with the casement sash opening to 90 degrees, gives maximum air flow while opened. It has a hinge-joint on the side and opens out. Quality Truth hardware gives easy opening action and multipoint sash locks provide security and advanced sealing pressure on the compression gaskets for minimum air leakage. (Miglas Air Infiltration = 0.07). Folding window-winder handles give a clean line for curtains and blinds. The quality construction, window hardware and seals also provide excellent air and water sealing. Miglas windows fulfill your performance demands! The available performance options achieve high performance in each climate zone for your project. Flyscreens are included as standard in all opening windows. Additionally you can automate your windows. How to read your Quotation? C< - Casement opening left, hinged on the right side C> - Casement opening right, hinged on the left side


The deposit of water vapour from the air on any cold surface whose temperature is below the dew point, such as cold window glass or frame that is exposed to humid indoor air. (Liquid forming on the windows)

Concealed Hinge

A hidden hinge which is not visible when the door is closed. It allows a clear line. Miglas offers this option for all hinged doors. Additionally the hinges can be purchased separately for other door systems or interior doors. The concealed hinges are a perfect option for interior office design. Go to "Contact Us Now!" and ask for details.


Conduction is (besides air infiltration) the most important aspect of insulation. It is the heat transfer through a solid material by contact of one molecule to the next. Heat flows from a higher-temperature area to a lower-temperature one. A low conductive frame material like timber is important for good insulation and comfort. Alumnium or aluminium improved frames are highly conductive and an insufficient choice if insulation is required.

Double Glazing

IGU's consist of two or more panels of glass separated by an air space and some type of spacer around the edges. An example of a commonly used double glazed unit is 5-8-5 (18mm) which is 5mm glass with an 8mm air gap and 5mm glass. The spacer contains a desiccant (drying agent) which eliminates moisture vapour in the cavity. The combination of the two panels of glass and the trapped air is what makes IGU's a superior energy efficient method of glazing. The IGU can perform a thermal and noise insulating function. The narrowest air gap used is 6mm, but wider gaps (10-20mm) will improve performance. For greater performance one of the glass panels should have a low e-coating and argon gas between the panes.

Embodied Energy

Embodied energy is the energy used during a product's entire life cycle in order to manufacture, transport, use and dispose of the product. Footprint studies often use embodied energy when tracking trade of goods or the energy used to manafacture a certain component. Aluminium has a high embodied energy compared to timber. The justification to use aluminium cladding is the increased durability of the product and the lower maintenance of the product. This means you never paint your windows - no solvents, no toxic wash off, no impact of paint transport over the 50+ lifetime of the product.


Conduction is (besides air infiltration) the most important aspect of insulation. It is the heat transfer through a solid material by contact of one molecule to the next. Heat flows from a higher-temperature area to a lower-temperature one. A low conductive frame material like timber is important for good insulation and comfort. Alumnium or aluminium improved frames are highly conductive and an insufficient choice if insulation is required.


An impervious membrane compatible with the framing materials, installed in such a manner as to prevent ingress of water into the building. Miglas recommends the use of wrap and flashing for superior installation and insulation of your home. Ask the Miglas Team for details and order these materials with your windows & doors.

Frame Depth

The frame depth shows if the window or door is expected to be built in a weather board or brick veneer wall. The wall influences the depth of the windows & doors. Miglas offer to frame depth to cater for the different wall constructions. 150mm for weatherboard 177mm for brick wall construction. Customised frame depths, or extensions are available to suit specialised wall constructions. Please ensure that you order the right sizes for a perfect result!!

Frame Sizes

The overall external dimensions of a window or door frame. To recieve an accurate quote and sized window it is crucial to measure the right height and width of your product. Additionally the frame depth has to be checked (150mm for weatherboard construction & 177mm birck wall construction)

How do you measure your windows?

It is usually best to get your builder to measure the windows & doors. As a small guide line (especially window replacement) you measure the window from side to side and top to bottom. This gives you the sizes of the gap. When you take this value less 15-20mm in height and width you will get the windows and doors that can be easily installed. Miglas does not offer a measuring service, as we are supply only and typically this element is left to the installer.

French Doors (FD)

This door has two opening leaves an active and a slave, opening to the outside (Ask for optional opening to the inside). French doors are designed to open the space to a terrace or the backyard and to give you the choice to open one leaf or two at a time. High quality German engineered and manufactured multi-point locks and hinges provide smooth handling. Five lock-points and two (or three) hinges on each leaf offer a superior solution for property security. For easy fitting and replacement the flyscreen rolls on an aluminium channel. Both leaves have a handle for easy opening and symmetric look. In combination with the gaskets French doors satisfy the need of thermal efficiency. Non-visible, and 3D-adjustable hinges are available. This latest design means that no hinge barrels are visible to the outside or inside of the door when the door is closed. It is the optimal solution to create clear lines for an exterior building side.

Gas Fill

The use of gases other than air (such as argon, krypton, xenon etc.) in a sealed insulating glazing unit, for the purpose of reducing conductive/convective heat transfer. Miglas currently offer Argon Gas as high end solution for IGUs. Usually air filled units with an air space off 10mm and more are an efficient solution.


All Miglas products have full gaskets. That means it runs once around the whole frame. It's either on piece or welded for air tight closure. Miglas uses mainly silicone rubber seals for durability and fire resistance. Gaskets are a major component of windows as they ensure thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

Glass Bead

Strip or trim surrounding the edge of the glass in a window or door that holds the glass in place. 

Hardcoat Low E Glass

Transparent coating is sprayed on a glass surface while it is still hot. It is also known as pyrolitic low E glass. The coating separates long wave (furnace heat) energy and short wave (sun heat) energy. The long wave is reflected back to the heat source. The short wave is allowed to pass selectively through the coating. Also see ‘low E glass’ and ‘soft coat low E glass’. A low SHGC show good short wave blocking.

Toughened Glass

Toughened or tempered glass is glass that has been processed by controlled thermal treatments. It has increased strength compared with normal glass and will usually shatter into small fragments, rather than sharp shards, when broken. Heat strengthened glass has a lower residual stress and is two times stronger than ordinary glass. Th building code of Australia gives standards to when this glass has to be used. This includes big panels as well as doors and side lights. Toughened glass is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations.

Toughened Laminated Glass

This is the optimum in safety glass. Each piece of glass is toughened to provide superior structural strength when compared to annealed glass. These pieces are then bonded together using either PVB or Resin as the interlayer medium, to ensure if the glass breaks the pieces are held together by the interlayer.


Miglas windows come with keyless sash locks. The locks contribute to the security and to the air tight closure of the windows. By keeping them keyless we ensure that no one gets deadlocked inside in case of a fire situation. Awning windows have two primary locks (left & right). Casements have one primary and, depending on the height of the sash, a secondary lock to ensure tight closure along the whole length of the sash. Any particular queries? Don’t hesitate to call 03 9728 3999 to ask for your customised solution.

Technical Drawings, Data, CAD, DWG

Please understand that we don't offer detailed drawings of our product as download. To receive the drawings you will have to enquire via email. We are happy to send a CD with drawings or printed material to your address. Give us a call if you have further needs regarding, technical specification of our product.

Sea, Salt, Ocean - Coastal Solutions

Miglas Windows has a wide range of stainless steel hardware options including Australia's first full stainless steel multi-point lock and Truth window operators available. Together with the durable aluminium exterior cladding the product is the perfect fit for coastal solutions. With a structural rating of 4500pa and water pressure result of 450oa Miglas windows and doors perform well above the minimum standards of the Building Code of Australia (AS 2047). Ask for details on (03)97283999 or email

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