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Ringwood East

An emphasis on sustainable input materials and high energy efficiency were key design cues of this unique Ringwood East project for Green Home Build Australia.

The home was a project with a simple, yet crucial goal of creating a living space that excelled in both comfort and design. To achieve this, the home was built with the notion of harnessing the power of nature rather than relying on mechanical heating and cooling. Using passive solar design means the interior is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.

Following through from these ideals construction materials were carefully removed during the demolition process to be recycled on the new building. This ensured suitable materials were given a second life instead of being destroyed and put into landfill, while also paying homage to the original construction.

The emphasis on energy efficiency lead to the building being all-electric, powered by a combination of solar panels and battery storage – sufficient to achieve the smallest carbon footprint possible. Forming part of the building envelope and resulting in high insulation levels, Miglas AliClad double glazed windows featuring Solos OptEma Plus soft Low-E were used throughout. The AliClad system gave a sharp and natural contrast to the tones of timber and metal cladding that enveloped the structure whilst also allowing the rooms to bathe in natural light.

The project achieved a stunning 8.4 star NatHERS rating.

Project Specifications

Frame Depth:
Monument Satin
OptEma Plus Low-E
Window Hardware:
Door Hardware:
Stainless Steel

Project Affiliates

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