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Hardware includes winders & sash-locks. The hardware is matched to fulfill your requirements and offers a smooth and controlled operation.
Stainless steel options are available for the CoastGuard Range of Miglas.
Miglas windows are not keyed to avoid deadlocking in fire escape situations. However they provide greater security against forced entrance with multiple lock points.

Contribution to the Thermal Performance

The sash-locks contribute to the positive closure of the window. The additional pressure on the gasket supports the air tight sealing of the window.

Long Life Expectancy

Miglas uses high quality Truth hardware. Warranty and expertise of this market leader provides Miglas the opportunity to supply long lasting, smooth operating hardware.

Colour Selection

Our range of colour options available allows you to match your interior design. Click here ([pdf], 0.99MB) for a hardware color selection, ask for more details in store.

Make your choice.

Foldable winders for a clear line with your curtain or blinds.