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Miglas designs the most crucial gaskets in-house to create a perfect match between gaskets and window.

The gasket is often a forgotten but important aspect of windows. They have an important role in the insulation of the whole window unit. Especially over the life cycle of the product they can become the weak part of a windows insulation.
For maximum performance Miglas designs the crucial gaskets in-house to create the perfect match in between gasket and window.

Tip: When comparing systems check material and craftsmanship to ensure long life satisfaction.

Contribution to the Thermal Performance

Miglas uses compressed gaskets between the frame and the sash. They have high elastic qualities that absorb shocks and have great resistance against deformation.

Long Life Expectancy

Miglas uses quality gaskets to ensure long-lasting appearance and performance.

Environmental Aspects

Miglas uses TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) gaskets. Thermoplastic elastomers show advantages in comparison to PVC. TPE materials have the potential to be recycled since they can be melted, extruded and reused without losing their physical properties.

Experience the Difference

  • optimal design for long-lasting sealing performance
  • advanced cushioning effect during closure process
  • constancy in shape & colour long life expectancy
  • weather resistant
  • trouble free recyclable