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Automation & Biometrics

Miglas provides the latest technology of automation and biometrics for advanced home security and even more comfort.

Miglas range will help you to fulfill your dreams.

Entry Doors

Entry Doors can be operated with a switch, a remote or a biometric scanner. An electric motor in the door leaf pulls and pushes the hooks and bolts to secure the door. Additionally an electric arm on top of the door opens the door to 90 degrees. After passing through the entrance the door closes and locks automatically.

The biometric scanner is the most secure technology available and turns your finger into a key. Click here ([pdf], 0.11MB) to download further information on biometric entry control.

Touch & See - Experience the difference

We encourage you to visit Miglas' showroom and experience automation and biometrics. This 5 star solutions for entry operation are a must see.
Our team welcomes to expericence the latest technology and its easy handling.

For installation and further information about Building Management Systems contact the Miglas Team.