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Willow Bay

Elevation Elegance: Unveiling the Architectural Wonders of Willow Bay

Set against the captivating backdrop of Willow Bay, a residence emerges as a true architectural treasure. Conceived by Lance Workshop and expertly brought to life by Baillie Building, this home embodies inventive design, superior craftsmanship, and a natural integration with the distinct elements of Willow Bay. The lens of No Bad Days Photography impeccably captures the spirit of this extraordinary abode.

Lance Workshop's discerning design perspective is apparent in every facet of this Willow Bay dwelling. The structure harmonises with its environment, boasting refined lines and thoughtful nuances that mirror the natural allure of the Willow Bay locale. The outcome is not just a house that stands out but one that blends effortlessly with the distinctive surroundings of Willow Bay.

Baillie Building, the orchestrator behind the construction, demonstrates a dedication to excellence. Precision and meticulous attention to detail characterize every phase of construction, ensuring the Willow Bay residence is a testament to enduring quality and resilience.

No Bad Days Photography, through its artistic lens, artfully captures the soul of the Willow Bay property. Their adept photography accentuates architectural details, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the design, craftsmanship, and the integration of the residence with Willow Bay's natural splendour.

Miglas Windows, renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality, supplied the windows and doors for this Willow Bay residence. The selection of windows, boasting a bushfire rating of BAL29, underscores the safety aspect of the property in this distinctive region. Furthermore, the incorporation of a capillary tube system for the double glazing ensures condensation is effectively managed, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions.

A standout feature of this Willow Bay property lies in its intelligent solar passive energy design. Strategically positioned clerestory windows harness solar heat to impact a vertical concrete slab overhanging the kitchen. This ingenious design enhances thermal mass during winter, leveraging solar energy to create an eco-friendly and comfortable living space.

Situated at a lofty altitude, Willow Bay presents unique climate challenges. To address this, the property's windows and doors incorporate a capillary tube system, facilitating decompression without condensation. The frames, extending by 221mm, not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also serve a functional role in maintaining optimal indoor conditions.

Willow Bay, a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasts verdant landscapes, tranquil waters, and an abundance of wildlife. The architectural design of this residence pays homage to its natural surroundings, fostering a harmonious connection between the property and Willow Bay's picturesque landscape.

This Willow Bay residence, a collaborative effort between Lance Workshop, Baillie Building, Miglas Windows, and No Bad Days Photography, stands as a paragon of architectural brilliance. With its inventive design, top-notch construction, and a respectful nod to Willow Bay's unique characteristics, this dwelling epitomises the perfect synthesis of opulence and natural beauty.

Project Specifications

215mm Custom
Frame Depth:
Monument Matt
Clear, Capillary Tubes
Window Hardware:
Door Hardware:
PVD Black

Project Affiliates

Lance Workshop


Baillie Building

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