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A budget-conscious home with a small carbon footprint led to the creation of this perfect Lyonville Project.

The home designed by Altereco was created to provide all amenities and comforts to the occupants without having a large footprint over the sprawling rural block. Hempcrete was utilised extensively on this project which provided a distinctive façade that blends the building into the natural landscapes. Not only does the hempcrete imbue beauty into the project, but also provides extra benefits over more traditional materials due to its combination of high resistance to fire, mould and pests and its ability to breathe and regulate fresh air and humidity.

Through passive design and the inclusion of unique building materials such as Hempcrete, the build was able to achieve an impressive 7.6 star rating.

Miglas’ AliClad suite was utilised for the natural timber frames to compliment the internal lime and clay plastered walls, with an external aluminium that protects the frames from the harsh Australian elements. Through the utilisation of softcoat Low-E glazing the frames provided U-Values as low as 1.7, contributing to the high NatHERS rating.

This project was a feature piece in Issue 63 of Sanctuary for its distinctive and energy conscious build.

Project Specifications

Frame Depth:
Monument Matt
OptEma Plus Low-E
Window Hardware:
Door Hardware:
Stainless Steel

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Owner Builder

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