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Ascot Vale

A 1990’s extension revamp revitalised this inner suburban Melbourne Home from dark and dreary to a light filled oasis.

With the original extension being poorly planned, it was up to Geometrica and Brave New Eco to overhaul the design for Elder Constructions to bring to life. With an inefficient layout coupled with an abysmal 2.2 star energy rating, the wasteful use of energy was prevalent.

The relocation of the dim laundry and bathroom to make way for the sun soaked living area was the mainstay design cue that set the foundation for the rest of the renovation. An increase in ceiling height and the addition of highlight windows contributed to the spacious atmosphere and leafy view that had been sorely missed.

With energy efficient design being at the forefront of planning, insulation was added to the original portion of the house, adjustments made to the eaves and the implementation of the Miglas suite helped dramatically lift the rating by “an additional 3.8 stars”.

The Miglas suite was chosen for its high energy efficiency and the use of PEFC-certified timber providing warm internal tones coupled with the maintenance-free modern powdercoated aluminium to match external cladding.

A renaissance of the home through expert design and construction gave birth to a spacious, energy-efficient area utilising green solar power that minimised the historical energy waste.

Project Specifications

Frame Depth:
Monument Satin
Window Hardware:
Door Hardware:
PVD Black

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Elder Constructions

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