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Aliclad Frame



Drag the image above to visualise how the Aliclad system is constructed!

The Perfect Window

When you take the beauty and warmth of timber, combine it with the durability of aluminium, and finish with the efficiency of double glazing. You end up with the "perfect" window...

Miglas combines the advantages of both timber and aluminium windows to create low maintenance, energy efficient and thermally stable window and door systems. This unique double glazed window and door system provides comfort and protection in the harsh Australian climate all year round while allowing you full architectural freedom with a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.


With years of experience in supplying double glazed joinery to Australia's alpine regions, it became obvious that sustainable energy efficient products went far beyond just double glazing. Research into the failings of both stand-alone timber and aluminium windows showed that remarkably where each of these proven materials had its weakness, the other had its strength. When combined, they provided the perfect window design for Australia's harsh environment.

It is now over 25 years since Miglas designed their composite timber and aluminium window system called ALICLAD from a strong heritage in timber only windows. 

The first purpose-designed all Australian residential product to offer homeowners the benefits of double glazing and energy efficiency. The Miglas goal was then to not only be the first to match or outperform established overseas products but to ensure that ALICLAD met our Australian preferences and our varied and extremely harsh climate.

The aim... The perfect window!

Key Features 

Durable Aluminium Exterior

Warm Timber Interior

Double Glazed
Modular Flexible Design

400+ Colour Options
Ultra-accurate CNC production

Australian Made & Engineered


  • U-Value low as 1.7

  • BAL 40 Tested & Certified

  • N6 Performance (AS2047)

  • Low Air Infiltration (0.07)


Made in Australia

The Miglas Aliclad window is purpose-designed for Australian conditions and manufactured here in Melbourne in a family-owned business. Ultra Precision CNC machinery is utilised for quick and accurate production. ​All major components (timber, glass, aluminium) are also sourced from Australian Manufacturers.

Australian Owned


“Calculating the life cycle saving of the product shows an investment that pays off” A 2007 Study commissioned by the Australian Government found Aluminium skinned timber windows (composite products) had the longest product life cycle, twice that of a uPVC window and the lowest embodied Co2 (40% lower than that of a Timber only window) during a Life Cycle Assessment.

The thermal efficiency reduces the impact of heating and cooling emissions into our environment, where every component contributes to its specific advantage. 


Used as an external cladding only, the amount of aluminium is reduced significantly compared to an aluminium-only window while still maintaining the advantage of durability and low maintenance. The embodied energy is also lower than a full aluminium window system.

Durability means each window remains longer in the building and the replacement cycle is longer. Less energy for replacement in the long term.

An exterior that never needs painting, means no harmful and toxic paints are used during its life in a building. No toxic wash off of any kind of paint, less water used for cleaning.


The Victorian Ash timber used for Miglas windows and doors is harvested from sustainably managed resources. The forests are AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) certified which is recognised by the European forestry standard PEFC. Sourcing from regional forests minimises the impact of transport and its emission to a minimum.

The combined result of the components is a durable, sustainable product, especially in comparison with other available window options like aluminium-only or uPVC.

Energy-efficient, durable & sustainable design for a cleaner environment.

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