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Miglas timber & AliClad windows’ main component is timber.

 Why does Miglas use timber?

  • Advanced thermal performance (low conduction)
  • Warm beauty of natural timber
  • Environmentally friendly product

Is the timber from a sustainable resource?

The timber Miglas use is harvested from sustainable managed forests in Victoria. This keeps transport emission to a minimum and helps the environment. The timber has the Australian Forestry Standard certificate for sustainable managed resource and is recognised by the European standard PEFC.

The Victorian Ash hardwood makes the frame thermally efficient & eco-friendly and means a striking reduction in CO2 emission.

Miglas AliClad windows have a timber interior with compressed gaskets to reduce the conduction through the frame for improved comfort.

Why does Miglas use Aluminium cladding?

The timber is moulded and pre-treated before assembly. The pre-treatment impregnation ensure s that the timber maintains its look and allows you to choose an individual finish. No rotting or fungal decay.

Sustainable timber that combines warm look with comfort.

The physical properties make timber a good insulator. The rating does not reflect this advantage and the U Value is lowered when the frame is thicker. We are not able to change the rating simulation rules.
A thicker insulator will improve the insulation.
Miglas Ali-Clad series' main component is timber - the low conductive frame component.

Conductivity (k) is the ability of a material to transfer heat.

Aluminium 237k
Timber 0.004k – 0.04k
Glass 1.1k
The lower the k the better the insulation ability.

The higher the temperature difference on both sides of the material the more relevant the thermal conductivity.

Miglas AliClad suite main component is timber – the low conductive frame component.