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Window automation for even more convenient living.

  • Wanting comfort of effortless opening?
  • Having inaccessible or hard to reach windows?
  • Liking the idea of a fully automated home?

Miglas range of winders and automation options will help you to fulfil your dreams. The German engineered high quality range is state-of-the-art.

Contribution to the Performance

The electric winders pull the sash into the frame and close the window air tight with positive pressure on the gaskets.

Long Life Expectancy

German engineered to comply with European and Australian standards. Fulfills the highest expectations. The strong stainless chain ensures trouble free operation even in coastal & tropical conditions.

Operational Freedom

No manual winding. No climbing to inaccessible areas. Simple comfort with switch or remote.

Optional Miglas automation can be fitted with rain, wind or smoke detectors for security and comfort. In a CBUS system version the automated windows cater for highest requirements for modern commercial and residential applications.

Can I automate existing window or other systems?

Yes. Miglas can help you to achieve a solution for your project. The automation options available can fulfill different demands even for projects without Miglas windows and doors. For specific requirements contact Miglas and ask for other chain and linear winders.

For installation and further information about Building Management Systems that can make your project a fully automated home combined with alarm etc. - contact the Miglas Team.

The convenient solution for your project.

Commercial applications can be fitted with an automated building management system to regulate ventilation & shading.