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Sustainable Design

“Calculating the life cycle saving of the product shows an investment that pays off”

The thermal efficiency reduces the impact of heating and cooling emission into our environment. Every component contributes with its specific advantage.


The Aluminium exterior reduces the amount of used aluminium to less than 50% compared to an aluminium-only window, but maintains the advantage of durability and low maintenance. The embodied energy is lower.

Durability means each window remains longer in the building and the replacement cycle is longer. Less energy for replacement in the long term.

An exterior that never needs painting, means no harmful and toxic paints are used during its life in a building. No toxic wash off of any kind of paint, less water used for cleaning.

Aluminium Coating

The coating preserves the aluminium, expanding its life expectancy. The warranty for the coating can be up to 20 years. Miglas recommends and uses Dulux┬« powder coating. An RMIT Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) recently showed the advantage of the solvent free coating from Dulux®. A coastal grade coating is avaible. Find more here


The Victorian Ash timber used for Miglas windows and doors is harvested from sustainable managed resources. The forests are mostly AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) certified which is recognised by the European forestry standard PEFC. Sourcing from regional forests minimises the impact of transport and its emission to a minimum.

Please ask for details when you require certificates.

Overall Product

The combined result of the components is a durable, sustainable product, especially in comparison with other available window options like aluminium-only or uPVC.

Energy Efficient, Durable & Sustainable Design for a cleaner environment.