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Miglas Certification & Ratings

Bushfire Ratings - Miglas Fireguard Range

Bushfire Windows
Regulations for new construction in Bushfire prone areas require assessment for Bushfire attack levels (BAL). Call Miglas today for more information.

The Miglas FireGuard 40 system is the first fully tested bushfire window and door range in Australia. Testing was conducted at Exova Warrington Dandenong Victoria, a NATA accredited laboratory, and exceeded AS 1530.8.1:2007 to comply with the requirements of AS 3959: 2009. This means the system is a complete bushfire resistant solution for all bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL-40 without the need for external shutters.

The unique Australian designed and manufactured composite double glazed window system protects from ember attack and close proximity fire. The Miglas FireGuard 40™ window system is specially designed to minimise the transfer of radiant heat from a bushfire to the inside of your home. Incorporating Viridian PyroGuard 40™ double glazing technology you not only get double the protection but achieve the highest energy ratings, providing all year round comfort and significant savings. Even when subjected to radiation levels of 40kW/m2 there is an amazing 97% reduction in the radiant heat transferred through the window.

Interestingly, when compared to a single glazed bushfire rated window this provides a result that is approximately 10 times more effective. By reducing the radiant heat transfer there is not only protection for combustible materials such as curtains and furniture, it also offers further protection to the occupants’.

Many locations where bushfires are a concern are commonly associated with superb views. Understanding this Miglas actually tested windows and doors to sizes much larger than those required by the Australian Standards. Miglas FireGuard 40™ allows you to build your home with bushfire safety and easily meet the increasing energy efficiency requirements. Miglas have the ability to manufacture to sizes of up to 6m2 with a wide range of products. Miglas FireGuard 40™ Bushfire resistant double glazed windows work twice as hard – guaranteeing protection plus maximum energy performance.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustical performance ratings measure the amount of sound transmission through a window. The higher the sound transmission rating, the better the product. The Miglas Ali-Clad range provides tight compression upon gaskets and combined with the correct double glazing can significantly reduce noise transmission.

Security Performance

Security performance ratings measure the ability of a window to resist different types of forces. In addition to the above mentioned tests this can include burglar-resistant windows, bullet-resistant and others. Many of these products have special uses for different building types and may be covered by local building code requirements. These aspects have to be clarified prior to quote and manufacturing. According to AS2047 this has to be nominated by the applicant or the approving authority.