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Miglas high performance windows and doors must be correctly installed to provide the best thermal and air infiltration results for the fabric of the home.

We suggest the following guideline for installation of Miglas windows & doors:

Warning: Poor installation can reduce the thermal efficiency of the product. The insulation between the frame and wall is crucial.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors require extra care during installation. The Door must be installed square to ensure trouble free operation. For additional information please refer to the installation guide on sliding door units.

When removing sliding door leafs for painting and maintenance always ensure to lower the adjustable rollers at the top first and to take the weight off the door when lowering the bottom rollers.


Regular maintenance ensures a long life high performance and trouble free operation of the Miglas products.

We suggest the following guideline for maintenance of Miglas windows & doors:

Note: Depending on your environment (e.g. humidity, coastal, dusty) the maintenance intervals may be shorter.

Sliding Doors

The impact on rollers and gaskets of sliding doors can be higher than on other products. Keep the door tracks clean and free of debris smooth operation. If the gaskets are binding a dusting of talcum powder will once again ensure smooth operation.

Miglas recommend its AliClad range as a high perfoming energy efficient product with very low maintenance.