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Low Maintenance

AliClad — a timber window with aluminium exterior that never needs painting!

The Miglas warranty and Miglas' superior craftsmanship ensures that you will purchase a product that satisfies. Every component is selected to contribute to the low maintenance value.


The aluminium exterior is finished with a durable powder coating in the colour of your choice. It never needs painting. The warranties vary in between 7 to 20 years. Periodically you have to remove stubborn dirt and rinse off dust.
The interior is pre-treated to leave you the choice for an individual finish. Once finished the weather impact on the inside is very low. Regular cleaning is usually enough treatment to maintain the timber and its beauty.


Regular cleaning maintains a clear view. Please read the maintenance information for the different glazing options. Compared to single glazing there is generally no risk that low e coatings are scratched as they are to the inside of the IGU.


The gaskets are manufactured from TPE and not PVC. Better recycling properties, UV resistance, thermal insulation and deformation resistance are an advantage. And the recent health concerns in regard to PVC make TPEs the right choice.


Cleaning and oiling once a year ensures smooth operation and a long life. Stainless steel options are available to be fitted in demanding environments such as coastal areas.

Ask the Miglas Team for details and download the Maintenance Guide ([pdf], 0.00MB)