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Comfort Level

“Every project has individual needs – area, elevation & style.”

Regardless of where your project will be realised….

  • City areas that require noise reduction – minimised air leakage & high security levels
  • Coastal areas that require weatherablility – durable in salty and humid conditions with stainless hardware
  • Alpine regions with low temperatures – advanced sealing & thermal efficiency
  • Bushfire risk regions – amber resisting aluminium and structural strong timber, the best combination for this area

...Miglas offers the right component selection.


Miglas' aluminium clad timber & timber frames outperform aluminium-only and uPVC frames in aesthetics, comfort and energy efficiency.

Tip: Aluminium-only & PVC windows are often fitted with over specified double glaze units (e.g. argon gas filling or low-e) to compensate the poor performance of the frame. Always look for the Uw – the U Value for the whole window – Glass + Frame


Miglas offers only double glazing products. This reduces conduction, convection, solar heat gain and controls radiation.

Tip: Single glazing is unacceptable from a performance aspect in today's environment.


Sealing is another important aspect. Miglas uses compressible gaskets that lower the air leakage to 0.07.

Tip: Some WERS test results show an air infiltration of 0 for awning or casement windows this is only possible with a fixed pane of glass. That means opening the window is realistically impossible because of the fixed glass pane. Always read the description of assembly (normal: e.g. 4/12/4 unrealistic: 4/12/4/90/3)


The hardware contributes to the sealing of the windows and doors. Long life and easy handling are important. Adjustable hinges and the right compression seal the windows and doors properly and ensure high performance.

Tip: Touch & See – That is the best way to experience the quality and handling of a product and the amazing differences that exist.