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Miglas & Environment

Current resource consumption is unsustainable and the individual impact may seem to be insignificant — but what if everyone thought that? Demand for natural resources is rising and the ability of the ecosystem to fulfill these needs are declining.

The Global Issue

Environmental Graph

What does Miglas contribute?

We have to get back on track, reduce carbon emmisions and resource consumption whilst supporting the ecosystems abilty to self recovery.

Miglas ambition is to challenge the problem and positively contribute - With the product, the choice of materials, the manufacturing process, the waste and office management.
Miglas tackles these issues in the company with a strategic approach. "Go Greener Project!"

Carbon Footprints

The Product

Miglas double glazed aluminium-timber windows are the eco-friendly choice.

  • energy efficient frame and glass
  • sustainable resources (e.g. timber from certified sustainable regrowth sources)
  • low maintenance (powder coated aluminium - no detergents, no toxic wash off)
  • longest product life expectancy of all systems (less energy over life cycle)
  • Locally sourced input materials, and locally produced

Miglas chooses its suppliers carefully. The key factors are sustainability and durability of the product, transport impact, performance contribution and possibilities of recycling.
The result is a sustainable product. Miglas is proud to proudce this product knowing that its use reduces the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Compontents

All major components are recyclable. Timber, aluminium, glass and gaskets can be reprocessed in new applications after the end of the products life.

The Office

Sustainable & Recyclable Office Materials

Introduced from 2007 Miglas will work with recycled paper and sustainable office materials.

  • All paper comes from 100% sustainable resources
  • All new folders are 100% recycled plastic - no more metal parts and composite materials that can not be recycled at the end of a folders life cycle. The old folders will be used until end of life cycle.
  • Paper has a new internal cycle and is reused for filing or draft prints.
  • Using more email communication reduces the amount of fax paper by around 50%. The showroom provides the customer with the option to send a link to their email account via touch screen, instead of taking a hardcopy brochure. This reduces the impact of paper used for brochures by around 35%.
  • Lower stock, longer life cycle of paper in the office - The new system saves space and reduces the environmental impact.

Waste Management

Normal bins are banned from work places. Every work place has a facility to recycle paper or reuse it in the office process.
Additionally three stations were created to recycle glass, plastic and organic waste. The organic waste is composted on the property the rest is recycled in external facilities.

The system reduces waste that goes in to landfill by around 60%.