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Locks & Hardware

Hardware includes a range of hinges, rollers, handles & locks for different door types.
Stainless steel options are available for the CoastGuard range of Miglas.

Sliding Doors

The adjustable rollers are in-house designed to provide smooth operation even with the biggest sliding doors.
Quality Handles provide secure locking and come in a range of colours.

Hinged Doors (French, Bi-folds, Centre-hinged)

Besides traditional hinges that cater for all sizes of doors, Miglas' are able to offer a concealed option. This hinge is hidden in the frame structure and is not visible when the door is closed. This creates a clear uninterrupted look.

All hinged doors are fitted with german engineered multi-point locks that limit the chance for forced entry – the securest solution for your doors.

Entry Doors

Multi-point locks are essential for air tight sealing and property security.

German multi-point locks secure your home against forced entry.

Miglas entry doors can be fitted with electronic locks and keyless remote entry integrated with home security and automation systems.
Additionally, biometrics can secure your home and make your finger the key to your home.

See Accessories for more information