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The complexity of the product and each project is different and as modern manufacturer we treat every project as unique. Producing a tailor made, energy efficient solution for each project. Unfortunately due to this a quote based purely on square meterage is not possible.

You will find that other window manufacturers do this, but it is not possible to accurately compare products and prices like that. If you simply multiply the square meter price of a standard window you can not achieve a satisfying comparison.

Keep in mind: Windows are an investment for usually more than 50 years – Don’t compromise your choice driven by price comparison. Components and craftsmanship can mean a big difference in performance, comfort and necessity of maintenance each year.
Please use the "Enquiry Form" for your general enquiry. If you would like to send plans please email to info@miglas.com.au or FAX 03 9728 3555. For further questions call 03 9728 7555 or 1300 MIGLAS.

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