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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LCAs are the modern approach to calculate the environmental impact and the overall value of a product. The assessments are usually very complex and sophisticated.

It is difficult to supply complete results because to calculate the life cycle value of a product all components and their interaction have to be valued over all stages of a product’s life.

Beginning with sourcing and manufacturing. Followed by Installation, Usage and end-of-life aspects.

There is no standard for these assessments. Nonetheless Miglas tries to achieve a satisfying result by taking an extensive range of aspects into account.

The main targets are:

  • sustainable sourcing of used materials (like timber)
  • efficient manufacturing and administration
  • long term energy efficiency
  • low maintenance
  • long life cycle
  • recyclable and reusable product & components
  • reduced impact of transport at any stage of the life cycle

Miglas constantly tries to find aspects of improvement. It is a challenging task to find the balance between environmental positive & quality products.

We encourage you to send us feedback. If you think you found an aspect for improvement while working with Miglas - Let us know!

Miglas tackles the aspect of a sustainable product on different levels. The following remarks cannot be more than a partial answer to the questions we answer every day.

  • Are there better sources that fulfil Miglas expectation for a sustainable product?
  • How can we reduce the impact of transport?
  • Are the used components durable enough to perform constantly over a long life?
  • Are components recyclable?
  • Is the manufacturing and administration process effective?

It is our ambition to fulfil quality & environmental demands at the same time. Sometimes it is a venture into unexplored territory, but we think it is a personal and manufacturers duty to tackle this modern task for a better & healthier future.