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Multi-Point Locks

All Miglas hinged doors are fitted with secure and air tight locking German engineered multi-point locks. Combined with the adjustable hinges they are the superior solution for every hinged door.
All Miglas casement and awning windows are fitted with sash locks that that act the same way.

What does multi-point mean?

A multi-point door lock has 3 or more lock points along the length of the door leaf. (See example of French Door below.)

Why do I need multi-point locks?

Multi-point locks provide security against forced entry and increase positive closure pressure for advanced insulation.


On request the doors can be automated.
This includes motorised locking and unlocking of the hooks, as well as remote or biometric assisted entry control. An additional step is the fully automated opening of the door with electric motorised arm.

Contact the Miglas Team for more details.

french door hardware

multi-point locking mulit-point lock

Close-up of a multi-point hook.