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Skylights & Sun Tunnel

Velux Skylights & Sun Tunnels complete the range of products offered.
They are designed for overhead, accessible or inaccessible applications that do not require emergency escape capabilities. They come in a wide range of sizes and features with a full assortment of blinds available.


Roof windows and sun tunnels are manufactured by the international leader Velux. Miglas offers you a convenient one stop package that saves you time and money.
Automated options are available on request.

Sun Tunnel

Every home has areas that the day light does not reach. A sun tunnel from the roof channels the light reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Professional Consultancy and Installation

Miglas works with an experienced team of specialists to provide the right service and installation. All systems can be combined in a general building management system and centralised control.

Make your choice. See the Velux Skylights options installed in Miglas' showroom.

  • lights in rooms that would only get daylight when the door is open
  • make these room light-flooded even before you turn on the light
  • save electricity with lower costs for lighting

  • illuminates rooms with limited or no daylight
  • no need for artificial lighting
  • Adds fictive height to your rooms and make it look larger