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This 21st century solution supplies the maximum convenience and security for your building project. The used thermal line sensor is the safest available technology of all scanning methods.

The traditional systems used for property and people protection bear significant inconveniencies. Considering the increasing requirements of security misplaced or lost keys, forgotten passwords and stolen cards etc. risks access by unauthorized people.

 What is the biometric entry systems?

Biometric means that a person’s unique characteristics are used for all your security access/authorization needs. Special aspects of a finger are scanned and compared to a stored biometric key.

What makes the offered system the best of the available options?

  1. You swipe the finger over the scanner
  2. No image is stored, only an encrypted binary code template that cannot be reversed or used to reconstruct the original fingerprint image.
  3. The scanner reads zones of temperature variation of the finger surface and matches to stored binary code; only a a real and unique finger can open the door.

What are the key-less advantages?

  • Easy to use technology
  • No loss of keys - Your finger is the key.
  • Fingerprints are one of the safest methods for entry control.
  • Easy administration via PC or wall mounted panel
  • A basic system operates up to 3 doors, gates, alarm systems etc.