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  • Looking for even more comfort?
  • Wanting to make your life easier?
  • Planning an aged care facility?
  • Building a home for people that could face difficulties opening windows & doors by hand?
  • Have windows in non-reachable elevations?

Automation is the simple way to operate your windows & doors
with motorised power.

Comfort & Security

Open your entry door without the need to touch it. Open windows in high and non-reachable elevations. Push a button of a remote, turn a switch, scan your finger to operate the windows & doors.

Added Value

  • Benefit from centralised ventilation with automated windows.
  • Provide smoke and fire control with sensor controlled automation integrated in building management system.
  • Achieve easy opening of windows at high levels (e.g clerestory windows, over doors or fixed picture windows).

Professional Consultancy and Installation

Miglas works with an experienced team of specialists to provide the right service and installation. All systems can be combined in a general building management system with centralised control.
Rain, wind or smoke detectors provide even further improved performance.

  • Stainless steel change
  • Smooth operating
  • Daily automated ventilation
  • Centralised control
  • Integrates with General Building Management System

  • Easy access
  • Disability friendly door opening
  • Integreation with biometric