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Miglas windows and doors are complimented by a wide range of hardware and accessory options. This allows you to individualise and complete your window and door systems.

Miglas designs, selects and matches the accessories to achieve high performance with each component:

Why does Miglas offer accessories?

Our experience shows that customers demand certain extras. And it is convenient to have a one stop service and the secure feeling the accessories and product are a perfect match. Save money, research and travel time with Miglas’ selection of high quality accessories.

Customised Quality

  • Smooth operation
  • long life expectancy
  • wide range of colour options to match the winders with the aluminium cladding or with your individual taste and the indoor environment.

And even better – automation & biometrics that can be connected to a Building Management System. Centralised control over the room climate that fulfils highest demands and ESD (Environmental Sustainable Design) guide lines.

It’s your choice.